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Food Blogs in Greater Ohio

There is no doubt that Columbus, Ohio has a vibrant food scene.  There are countless blogs and Twitter feeds maintained by amateurs and professionals alike that espouse the benefits of eating locally and partaking in the rich food-centric culture that is woven throughout the city.

Ohio is big state, and Columbus isn’t the only game in town as far as food scenes go.  Here’s a look at some other food-related blogs from around the state.

Eating Cleveland calls itself Cleveland’s chubbiest blog and has the tag line of “I shot a man in Reno just to eat his pie”.  The blog is penned by a gentleman by the name of Mark who is proud to say the food scene in Cleveland is seriously underrated and he has made it his mission to root out the very best culinary experiences Cleveland has to offer.  His advice: Never trust skinny people  to recommend good food.

In the same town a blogger by the name of Michelle blogs at the Cleveland Foodie blog. It contains a menagerie of topics, including promoting events, restaurants, and local products .  One interesting feature on her blog is a Chef’s interview link that lists a list of interviews with local chefs, not something commonly seen on other Ohio blogs.

Slow  Food Northern Ohio is one chapter of a larger nation-wide organization established in 1989 to counteract the fast-food culture that is so prevalent in the United States today.  It  has chapters in many American cities and this blog focuses on the northern section of Ohio.  The blog features a large number of topics from events, to food and agriculture awareness events to focus on specific businesses.

Finally, at the other end of the state is the city of Cincinnati.  Hugging the southern edge of the state and just across the river from Kentucky, Cincinnati is home to the Bengals NFL team and the MLB Reds.  The writer behind Wine Me, Dine Me  is Julie Nielson Gosdin, a life-long resident of Cincinnati who loves to share her love of food and culinary pleasures with her eager readers.  The blog also occasionally includes posts from her husband Terry, who accompanies on her foodie-adventures.

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It’s Farmer’s Market season in Columbus!

It’s Farmer’s Market season in Columbus, with many markets opening for the first time at the end of April.  At the Clintonville Market, every stall was filled with a vendor and shoppers were eagerly purchasing their wares as soon as the clock struck 9:00 am on Saturday morning.  Clintonville isn’t the only game in town, however.  Farmer’s Markets are held all over the metropolitan area with a vast array of vendors from bedding plants to chicken, pork and meat-alternatives, cheese and honey.

Several local famer’s markets have blogs that are updated regularly throughout the season to highlight vendors and let customers know what to expect at each week’s market.  They’re also active on Twitter and work hard to keep people engaged so the markets continue to thrive. 

We’re highlighting a few Columbus-area Farmer’s Market blogs this week that will keep you informed of what’s happening the entire 2011 growing season.

The Dublin Farmer’s market runs every Wednesday, May – September.  It’s a relatively short market, from 2-3 hours depending on the time of the season.  Their website promotes 15 vendors that span from herbs and perennial farms to meat producers, cheese producers, jams, honey and produce.  They maintain a blog on the site that  includes interviews with vendors, recipes and promotion of special events. 

The Clintonville Farmer’s market  is in its 9th year and runs from the end of April through the end of October every year.  In 2011, the market will welcome a total of 65 producer-vendors to the market over the course of the season.  The market does not have a blog specifically, but it does send an electronic newsletter and they use both Facebook pages and Twitter to keep in contact with its patrons.

The North Market in downtown Columbus also has a weekly farmer’s market in season that’s held outside the North Market building.  Based on information published on their website, the Saturday morning farmer’s market begin on June 11, 2011 and continue each Saturday through October 22, 2011.  The North Market maintains a blog that covers events and vendors throughout the complex.

The Worthington Farmer’s market in northern metro Columbus  begins on May 7-October 29th of 2011. The market relies on a Facebook page rather than a traditional blog to disseminate information about the market.

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