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Ohio hasn’t always been known as the culinary capital of America.  Larger cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago get the lion’s share of the press when it comes to new restaurants and talented chefs while smaller markets get less notoriety.  When television personality Anthony Bourdain came to  Columbus with cookbook author Michael Ruhlman to film a segment of Bourdain’s culinary travel show “No Reservations”, the host bashed the Columbus food scene as a  wasteland full of chain restaurants and strip malls.


Foodies of Columbus did not take the criticism lightly and invited Ruhlman back to Columbus for a whirlwind gastronomic tour of the mid-Ohio city in  November 2010.  Ruhlman was goaded into returning to Ohio’s capital by the so called Columbus food mafia to get a real taste of the local Ohio food scene.  What occurred in the 24 hours of Ruhlman’s visit was an onslaught of outstanding Columbus based food neither from strip mall nor chain that truly impressed the writer.  He later recounted the visit in his blog and ate his hat for dismissing the city so unceremoniously a year earlier.


The fact is, Columbus has a vibrant food scene with a wide array of locally owned restaurants, often sourcing local ingredients and  serving an ever changing selection of seasonal dishes that would rival restaurants in much larger markets.  The key is knowing how to get the dish on what’s happening in Columbus. Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to look far to find what you’re looking for.


alt eats is a blog maintained by Bethia Woolf, a prolific central-Ohio food blogger who writes several mid-Ohio food centered blogs.  Alt eats covers the vast array of ethnic food available in Columbus.  To give the casual reader some indication of the depth of variety available in Columbus, Woolf lists 37 distinct categories on her blog and has an extensive collection of posts about ethnic food of many varieties in Columbus.


Another blog edited by Ms. Woolf covers a growing trend in Columbus, Latin American taco trucks.  She writes about these mobile businesses on the blog Taco Trucks Columbus.  The blog includes a comprehensive list of taco trucks in the Columbus area as well as a list of Spanish terms used on taco truck menus and a list of do’s and don’ts taco truck etiquette to make ordering and eating from these mobile establishments more accessible.  Finally, there is an extremely informative FAQ listed on the site that answers many taco truck neophyte questions such as “Are they trucks clean?” “Do I need to speak Spanish to order?” and “Do taco trucks take credit cards”.  A quick study of the blog will give the eager taco eater everything they need to have a delicious, authentic Latin American meal on the cheap.


We’ve listed only two local Columbus food blogs here, but there are far more available in Columbus’ vibrant food scene.  We’ll continue to highlight various Columbus food blogs in future posts as well as give some focus to the ways people are getting the word out about Columbus’ foodie culture into Twitter and other social media outlets.



  1. Bethia said

    Both the alt eats and taco trucks websites were created and are run by a team of people. Taco trucks Columbus (as is stated on the about page) is a project by hungrywoolf, CMH Gourmand and Taco Drew with help from many other Taco Truck enthusiasts and Columbus Underground posters.

    Alt Eats comprises the same team with additional posts from other contributors.

    There are probably over 100 food blogs in Columbus. I would definitely encourage you to look at one blog of one of our team, it is one of the most established food blogs in Columbus.

  2. Pauline Eaton said

    Great information! Wish I had it when I was working in Columbus about 5 years back!

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